7 Simple Ways Your Smartphone Supports Your Entrepreneurial Goals | BLVCK DIVMOND

Are you an entrepreneur on the go? Increasing productivity by 31% and providing greater flexibility than ever, find out why the best tool to have in your hand is a smartphone.

7 Simple Ways Your Smartphone Supports Your Entrepreneurial Goals | BLVCK DIVMOND

Wish you could do more business on the go? 

Everyone knows how important mobile websites are. But with technology constantly evolving there are now more opportunities than ever to generate income using your phone.

With even better computing power than ever before, smartphones are becoming an increasingly indispensable tool for business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Business can be conducted portably more easily than ever before with smartphones. But only if you know what steps to take...

Here are 7 tips to help your smartphone support you as an entrepreneur.

#1 - Increased Productivity

Your smartphone can help increase your productivity - but only with discipline.

The simplest way for you to achieve this is to have a separate work and personal phone.

You’ll find work documents faster using your pre-designated work phone and they’ll never get cluttered with personal ones. 

It also means no personal distractions while on your work phone. This ultimately means a better work-life balance. A separate work phone means that it will be easier to put away work distractions while at home.

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#2 - Cross-Platform Apps 

According to ComScore, mobile digital app use has grown by roughly 50% in the past two years.

This figure represents the shift towards new technology. You can use your smartphone to download apps that can be used across multiple platforms. 

This synthesizes works across your desktop and smartphone. Office software staples like Office 365 and G Suite all have mobile apps. This means accessing our plans and documents amongst ourselves and with our clients is really easy when we’re travelling or on-site.

Other programs such as Slack also have their own mobile apps, making communication simple. While Slickplan helps entrepreneurs create intuitive and sleek websites that drive meaningful business outcomes.

Accessing and editing documents will be easier when on the go - but you’ll also benefit through keeping in touch with your employees, off-site teams or business contacts

#3 - Instant Accessibility 

There are plenty of apps on the market for your business productivity. 

It can be easy to download them all in the hopes that it will increase your productivity, but the reality is you might not use them all.

Learn what works best for you and keep only the apps that you use. This will keep your smartphone tidy and make accessing what you need easier.

It will also free up storage space on your phone for more important documents and to run faster.

#4 - Voice Assistant Support

Using the voice assistant that is programmed into your phone will help you achieve small tasks faster. Think Siri, Alexa or Cortana.

These voice assistants can reduce the inefficient use of time and help you speed things up considerably. When being on the go is such a big part of your job, voice assistants offer exceptional value. You can dictate emails or text messages, set up reminders, or search for contact information much faster than you could manually.

Imagine how much time you’ll save through emails that are dictated as opposed to typed on a keyboard.

Not needing to wait to get back to your desktop means that your smartphone will ultimately save you time.

Two smartphones connected with technology concept

#5 - Content Creation Tools

If you need to be on the move during your day, there are different tools you can utilize to make content creation simple and effective. 

While things like a Bluetooth wireless keyboard might be helpful for drafting emails or write up documents on the go, you can take this a step further 

Small tripods and microphones can help you to take photos and videos that support your personal branding. This is reinforced by Australian architect entrepreneur Michael Yousef, who uses his phone for Facebook content. He notes “using my phone to capture on the job content, I can jump on free tools like Canva and have social media content in an instant. This has helped me to attract a loyal and engaged following that’s directly created leads.”

Smartphones have reduced the need for additional marketing services, and have become an all-in-one marketing assistant in your hand. 

Creativity and the workplace go hand in hand. However, smartphones are creating fluid ways for entrepreneurs to build their brand.

Final Thoughts

It’s now possible to start and support a business through your smartphone.

Innovative entrepreneurs are skipping office spaces and expensive overheads and embracing technology instead.

Consider the following ways your smartphone can provide support:

  • Your business is open 24/7

  • Facilitate mobile payments

  • Reduced costs

  • Instant connectivity

  • Improved customer relations

As an entrepreneur you can be more agile, using a smartphone to provide the technological connectivity you need without having to invest in the complex systems of larger organizations.

As we’re all in the middle of a ‘mobile revolution’, the only question left to ask is...how will your smartphone transform your business?

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