BLVCK DIVMOND expands into A.I. for Marketing

BLVCK DIVMOND installs a new AI platform into marketing plans for small business owners, organizations and corporations.

BLVCK DIVMOND expands into A.I. for Marketing

What is artificial intelligence marketing?

Artificial intelligence marketing is a form of marketing leveraging artificial intelligence concepts and models such as machine learning and Bayesian networks to achieve marketing goals. The main difference resides in the reasoning part which suggests it is performed by computer and algorithm instead of a human.

What is AI and how does AI work?

Artificial intelligence uses variables and attributes, if’s and then’s, along with machine learning to mimic human intelligence. The software has to learn how to respond to certain actions, so it uses algorithms and historical data to create something called a propensity model.

Propensity models will then start making predictions (like scoring leads for example). AI can do much more than this, but those are common uses and functionality for marketing. 

Mainly, we use AI to save us time and target new customers — adding people to email automation and allowing AI to do much of the work while we work on other tasks.

Here are some key instances of using AI:

  • Creating Multi-Channel Ads

  • Targeting Demographics

  • Maximizing Budget Cost

  • Customer Database Analysis


How do we use AI at BLVCK DIVMOND?

AI comes into play for the marketing we do for clients here fairly often.

For instance, local search results are determined in part by AI deciding what’s the best business for a searcher’s needs. So, when someone searches for "pizza," artificial intelligence has to figure out whether the person wants to know more about pizza or if they want to find a pizza place, and if it thinks they want a pizza place, it has to figure out which pizza place is the best answer for the search.

The ads we create for clients are shown to local/national/international consumers depending partially on what the AI determines to be the right audience for an ad.



Personalization is a powerful driver of conversion rates.

Facebook is using AI to understand the images that users upload. This allows the social network platform to describe the content of the image to visually impaired users using screen reader software. Our A.I. helps you target Google, Facebook, and Instagram users more efficiently to find your target demographic which ultimately makes your budget go much farther per dollar spent on paid advertising. This allows you to use your previous customers as a source of data to teach the system what you already are looking for and removes the factor of having to do extra research in order to obtain a more relevant audience.

AI empowers better decision-making. With AI, businesses can avoid the enormous costs of a wrong decision by eliminating human biases and errors.

One of the products of AI in marketing is a reliable insight into buyer personas. These fictional representations of buyers or customers help businesses make well-informed marketing decisions.

AI simulation and modeling techniques paint a clear picture of buyers’ psychology and purchasing behavior.

A case study found that a website molded on its buyer personas resulted in a 900% increase in visit duration and a 171% increase in A.I. marketing-generated revenue.

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